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Create Your Own Summer Oasis

Be it for social gatherings, casual conversations, or some me-time, creating a summer oasis will help you enjoy the season to the fullest. Set out comfy patio furniture for relaxation, add extra seating for guests, and install vertical awnings for shade from the sun or privacy from prying eyes!SHOP THE LOOK
Customer Reviews 4.9 out of 5 View All
  • Excellent - worth every penny Excellent product. I had it built in under 15 mins. Single women on her own. There is no fiddly parts it fits together well and the finished product is good . As good as my much more expensive chair in the office.
    Lisa J
  • Love my New Office Chair Absolutely love my new chair, which I was able to assemble solo in 20 minutes! It's solid, ultra comfortable and the back can be adjusted and locked neatly into place to suit. Some people have commented that putting the arms on requires two people. I was able to attach the arms solo by laying the base of the seat on my lap upside-down as soon as I took it out of the box and before attaching it to any other of the chair's components and it took me all of 3 minutes to tighten all 6 screws neatly into place. No tools required as you are supplied with an Alan Key and a number of washers and screws. No instructions were supplied; therefore, I did at one point have to look at the picture of the chair on Amazon to ensure I attached the hydraulic control levers to the correct side of the chair. Very highly recommend.
  • Good quality chair that looks modern Overall, I'm pleased by the quality of the chair. It appears to be built from robust components and the chrome finish is rather nice. After a week of use, I've found it to be very comfortable. At least as comfortable as the chairs provided in my office, which I assume are more expensive. I was worried when I opened the box, because the interior packing was the worst I've ever seen. It was like a drunk monkey had thrown the chair in there, with a few assorted bits of polystyrene. See picture. This was the first time I had bought an item that hadn't received a review yet, so I was panicking. However, the pieces arrived without damage. I was easily able to build the chair in 10 minutes. They supplied a good quality hex key and well-labelled screws, including spares (which is nice). The finished product looks very expensive and seems comfortable. I've only owned in a few days, so I'll update this review if I find comfort issues after extended use. I like the fact that the arms are adjustable up and down - this is not common in chairs in this price range. I wish the chair arms had flat tops - instead they have a gentle curvature, which tends to encourage your arms to lay a certain way that I don't find entirely comfortable. The levers all seem to do what they claim they do, although they are strangely far down the side of the chair compared with most other chairs I've used. The main disappointment on the chair is the spring back. Apparently I can twist the knob on the bottom of the chair to increase the spring resistance, so the chair pushes back more firmly. However, I found it made almost no difference. After turning it quite a lot (with some difficulty), it was still just as easy to lean all the way back. I don't find this to be a big problem, since I mostly sit with the back in a locked position. But someone who finds this an important attribute might need to shop around. There is also a middle lever which claims to adjust the tilt of the chair. This does absolutely nothing. With the lever up or down, I’m unable to tilt the seat or make any other adjustment. This is the main reason for docking a star. In summary, this seems to be a good chair for the money.
  • Easy to Assemble, Excellent Quality and Value for Money I spent some time browsing and comparing different home-office chairs on Amazon, finally deciding on one that was slightly more expensive because it seemed to be of better quality and had a greater raise/lower range. I was not disappointed. It arrived and was well packed and came with instructions and spare bolts and washers. Assembly was simple and intuitive. I only checked the instructions afterwards ... typical man. I use this chair daily and for long hours as I work from home. It is comfortable and supportive. It fits in well in the sitting room where I work as the back is not overly high. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.
    Amelia Brown
  • Fabulous Lovely table. Just what I wanted. Perfect, far better quality than I was expecting for the price.
  • Fantastic! Great TV unit. Modern look, easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend it 👍
    Izabela Szmajda
  • Sturdy and good value for money Arrived really promptly which was a surprise the box was damaged so immediately thought there would be damage but it was all ok. Easy to assemble, very sturdy and good exercise bike for the price. Nice and quiet Strongly recommend this
  • Another great Vasagle product Another fantastic Vasagle product. Again very easy to put together and it looks fantastic in the bedroom. Perfect for our little 22inch. Ample space for the PS and a well concealed little cupboard. Again, extra pieces were in the pack and it was cheap. Fantastic quality for the price and delivery was spot on. I’ll definitely buy more from this product range. Looks great up.
    Angie T.
  • Sturdy Shelving Very sturdy. Was a little shorter than expected, however this is down to me not checking measurements. Still is a lovely item. Looks great in my sons bedroom. Worth the money.
  • LOVE MY TABLE Daughters love the grown up table now they are out of child seating. It works beautifully with my sitting room theme. Lovely and sturdy. Great value for money.
    Joanne Northall
  • Easy put together no shouting Had a few of different furniture from this company Very good quality and easy to put together Thank god
    Mat p.
  • Sturdy and looks great Money really can’t buy a much better desk than this. Was the easiest furniture I have ever assembled - every plastic bag was labelled so you didn’t need to look up every screw in the diagram and the whole thing could be done in less than 30mins with a single person. Desk is very sturdy and looks great.
    Thomas Morgan
  • Easy to assemble, sturdy and good looking Perfect cabinet to fit under my wall hung sink. I wanted the a closed in back. Hard to find as so many others were for pedestals. It was very easy to put together using a hand Phillips screwdriver. All the holes lined up. The instructions were easy to follow. What I appreciated the most was that all the parts and packs of screws etc were labelled with letters which were then referred to in the diagrams. I normally avoid buying MDF/manufactured wood but for the price I am very happy with the look and quality of this item. It is also very sturdy. I'm also very impressed with the quality look and feel of the hinges and knobs.
  • Fantastic product! As with many previous reviewers, I am not particularly good at remembering to review purchases... however, once I started building this item (and another from the range) I knew I had to write a review. This is a SUPERB product! The build process is simple and foolproof. The level of thought that the company has gone to means that they have even included every single tool that you need to assemble the item. Additionally, all the parts are clearly labelled and departed to ensure that there is no confusion during construction. This item looks fantastic, is so easy to put together and is of a quality that was unexpected at the price when the closest ‘Swedish furniture’ alternative is simply no comparison. If you are thinking about buying one of these then just do it - you will not be disappointed
    Mark B.
  • Beautiful, creative shelving Assembly very easy. Bought for our cafe. Its one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I've ever bought. Well worth the money and will buy another. Trying to find the same thing with six shelves. Perfect for our take-away stocks and coffee beans etc.
    B. Mulvanerty
  • Designer look at a bargain price I wasn't too sure about how good this table would look in the flesh but it did not disappoint. It looks really stylish and would compare favourably with a similar table from a certain very expensive designer company! Really easy and quick to put together. For the price it is a stunner.
  • GORGOUES! Perfect size! Easy to assemble! Gorgoues table!! I may buy another one! I highly recommend! Love love love this beautiful table! Worth of money!! Just Perfect as it is! Thanks a lot for your great quality! Awesome! Best! One person found this helpful
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