A Shared Workspace That Works for Two

Published on 04/23/2021

Though sharing the same home office, you and your spouse can have your own zones.

Split the room in half, personalize your side with your color and faves, such as one in classic black,

the other in calming white, and then work together in harmony.

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Let the mind flow without frustration
Let the mind flow without frustration Can't find files of notes? Make it a thing of the past by sorting items into the drawers, having a shelf, or placed up on the wall for inspiration. Showcase recent achievements as encouragement.
Simplified Home Office Nooks
Simplified Home Office Nooks Your home office and reading nook have no rules and regulations. If your storage space is sufficient, keep a desk with a linear profile sparsely filled with items you can easily keep organized and looking great.
Spare Some Space for a Reading Nook
Spare Some Space for a Reading Nook In case you don’t have an independent study room, consider dividing up your living room to create a reading space. Lighting is important, so move the desk near the window sill to bathe in the light.
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