Standing LED Jewellery Cabinet

Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet
  • Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet

Inside LED Jewellery Cabinet

SONGMICS JBC94W LED Jewellery Cabinet with 5 Shelves and 2 Small Drawers with Lock
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Ratings & Reviews

4.8 | 5 Reviews
  • chrissy
    Spacious, with inside lights Really pleased with this. Really like the quality. Love the inside lights. Plenty of roo for bits and pieces....View more
  • Supermodel Willard
    Solid. Easy to put together This is a solid piece of furniture. Build quality is great. It looks good and has lots of storage space inside for small items such as makeup or jewellery. The led lights inside are very bright and everything is easy to find. It comes mostly assembled and is easily put together....View more
  • Amy
    Working great This is fabulous! A lot of space inside for all jewellery! So much space I will need to buy more to fill it up! The mirror arrived in one piece and the led lights are working great. Delivery was fast and mostly happy. Only thing is it arrived with a split in wood on the bottom where legs are! Still it is a beautiful and very useful item...View more
  • Courtney
    Highly recommend this mirror Product arrived quickly and was well packaged to prevent any damages in transit. The mirror door is already attached to the jewellery cabinet so you only need to put together the legs and attach the mirror to this, this is great as it meant that there wasn't many pieces to put together, the instructions were clear so it only took me 20 minutes to put together by myself. The mirror is really sturdy and fits perfectly into the alcove in my bedroom and has a great storage capacity, holding all of my jewellery. I specifically chose this product over similar versions as I wanted somewhere to hang my bracelets on and this mirror has a bar on to hang them whereas other versions of this mirror didn't have this. However the bar doesn't hold chunkier bracelets as then the mirror door doesn't close but I have then put these on the shelves within the cabinet which they do fit in and still allows the door to close. The cabinet has a large earring capacity, there are slots where you can hang your earrings and holes that you can put your earrings through. I found the holes to put the earrings through fine but then to put the back of the earring on a bit fiddly, if I really wanted to I could use these however instead I put all of my earrings in the slots by just loosening the the back of the earring, slotting it in and then pushing it back to tightening it, just as you would tighten/adjust it on your ear. You just have to make sure that you have adjusted it tight enough so that the earring doesn't fall out of the slot when you open the mirror door. I still have enough capacity without using the holes so this is fine for me. The top and the bottom earring rack have a slightly larger gap so that you can store larger hanging earrings which is great. There is a large space for rings, I do not own many so this space is slightly wasted on me however if I brought more earrings, I could store earrings in the slots as you can push them in and they do hold. I have quite a few long necklaces, these are stored below the ring compartment and then the end of the necklace then goes into a velvet bag bit at the bottom. As I do not own many rings it would have been more beneficial for me for the ring compartment to be half the size and then had half of that section to then store so more longer necklaces as they do gather at the bottom of the bag bit and some get a bit caught with each other, however this isn't a major issue and it does the job. There are also 5 shelves that I have used to store chunkier bracelets and bangles as well as other items and 2 small useful draws at the bottom too. The mirror comes with 2 keys so it can be locked, I personally do not feel I need to use this but good if brought for a teenager who is perhaps worried about a sibling borrowing their jewellery! I didn't think that I would really use the lighting inside the cabinet however I am someone who prefers to only have lamps on rather than main lights so this is actually really useful at night and lights up the whole cabinet so you can see everything in there. Overall the mirror was well worth the price, previously my jewellery was all stored in different places so its now much more organised and great that its all in one place, I have had a lot of compliments from family and friends that have seen it! I would highly recommend this mirror!n...View more
  • Traian V.
    My wife is very happy with the mirror Wife is very happy with the mirror. Makes her life much easier having most of her jewelry together Easy to put together....View more

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