8 Stackable Shoe Boxes

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  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
  • 8 Stackable Shoe Boxes
8 Stackable Shoe Boxes

8 Stackable Shoe Boxes

SONGMICS Shoe Boxes, Pack of 18 Stackable Shoe Storage Organisers, Foldable and Versatile for Sneakers, Fit up to UK Size 9, Transparent and White LSP18MWT
£59.99 £74.99 -21% (including VAT)
SKU: UKLSP18MWT | ( 12 Reviews ) Free Shipping within the UK Estimated Delivery Date: 12/08/2022 - 19/08/2022

Ratings & Reviews

4.9 | 12 Reviews
  • Steven
    Nice and Sturdy Its instructions are great and it’s easy to assemble after you learn to assemble the first box. I thought it would be hard to finish all of them, but they only took me 25 minutes in total. They are great for closets and they are made properly....View more
  • Monica
    Great storage item They look sturdy but you have to make sure they are balanced on each other. They were easy to assemble and look great. After you put the shoes in, sturdiness is better because of their weight. It’s a great product and worth the money and my time....View more
  • Georgia
    Works well They are amazing and look great when put together. They will take some time to assemble and it’s better if someone can help you. They look great and we all love it. They can nicely stack together....View more
  • Holly
    Great product They saved my closet! They are the right size for my closet and I put six of them inside, the others are used to store my shoes. Its instructions are simple and clear, which makes it easier for me to assemble. Love it....View more
  • Clara
    They Worth the Money It’s bigger than I thought and this is great. It’s better than I expected and I spent 30 minutes putting them together and stack them in my room. They look great, transparent, clear, and there is no strange smell. They seems to be well made....View more

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